Camp Log Project

Camp Logs hold much historic information about buildings but especially about people and their experiences on Wilson Pond. The History Committee of Friends of Wilson Pond is anxious to have camp histories in any form that you would like to submit. Camps are often used by many family members as families grow. It is fun to come back to camp and read the camp log entries left by visitors and family. Many a rainy afternoon will find the young folks-now parents themselves— reading what they wrote when they were kids. We cherish our camp logs and enjoy going over to the McInnis camp to read about our past as young parents.

Camp Log: Beanie and Veronica Champeon Camp on Wilson Pond

bement_campPhoto: Karen York on the porch in 1952.

Excerpts from the Log:  The Beanie and Veronica Champeon Camp on Wilson Pond

The trees were sawed at Stan Walden’s sawmill and the lumber was delivered by boat to the lot.

1949 — The land was cleared and the original camp built.

1954 — Roads bulldozed for Bement’s (now Allyn Ward’s camp) and Cole’s (still owned by heirs) camps.

1955 — Removed built-in bunk beds–Veronica did not like to make them.

1955 — Muzzy bulldozing at north end of bog to prep for road to Champeon camp. Later the road was extended to the Muzzy camps at the outlet of the Thoroughfare.

1955 — New wooden boat built by Jim Gregan

1956 — New 5.5 hp Johnson outboard motor

1957 — Wayne, Beanie & Veronica’s son, honeymooned with his bride, Jean Dennison.

1960 — Lonnie Rowe hauling gravel to improve road

1965 — New kitchen completed

At some point the camp was sold to the Harris family who graciously loaned it to Wayne and Jean for their 50th Anniversary celebration in 2007.

Note: Many additional details were provided from the Champeon Camp Log Book and it was striking the camp was always under construction! All information provided by D. Bruce Champeon, Beanie and Veronica’s son.