Frank C McIver Scholarship

2020 Scholarship Recipients: Byron Santerre and Skylar Larrabee

Byron Santerre is a student in Augusta, Maine. Byron is the son of Jan and Shaun Santerre. His family have a camp on Wilson Pond.

Byron writes: “I’m looking forward to going to Teen Wilderness Expedition because there is a lot to do outside at Medawisla and it’s going to be fun . I have no idea what this camp is like all I know is you are outside and having fun I’m sure it will be keeping me busy for the 4 days I’m there. I’ve never done an overnight camp so I will learn if I enjoy them or not. I have done A LOT of outdoor day camps, this is a new opportunity and it will be a great time during the summer.”

Skylar Larabee is a student at Greenville Consolidated School and the daughter of Kathryn and Daran Larabee.

Skylar writes: “I want to go to the AMC summer camp because I enjoy the outdoors and everything it has to offer. In past years my family and I have gone on hiking and canoe trips. I really enjoyed those and thought it would be a fun reminder at the camp. My cousin has been to the camp as well and enjoyed it, she told me that she had fun. We hope to go.

2019 Scholarship Recipients: Graceanne Brinkworth and Dale Turner

Graceanne: “This summer, I was given the opportunity to enjoy the Teen Wilderness Expedition camp. We got to hike on beautiful trails and challenge ourselves to push harder, learned new things about wildlife, and create bonds with new friends in fun activities. Not to mention, the food was GREAT! I’m so grateful for going to this summer camp, because I’ve met people that I’m still in contact with, and know that I will be for a long time. I’m also grateful for the teachers, who taught us not just about wildlife, how to keep the earth clean, and how to tell the best ghost stories, but also for the staff’s welcoming ways to make you feel at home. I am very grateful. I’m definitely going back next summer!”

Dale: “Thank you for the scholarship, the AMC camp was great, I met a lot of new friends who I still regularly talk to. The counselors were very friendly and helpful. We did a lot of outdoor stuff like hiking and setting up tents.”